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When you are involved in a car collision, the ligaments and muscles in your body are stretched beyond their elastic limits. This occurrence sets you up for pain now as well as chronic issues in the future. You can think of your muscles acting as a rubber band. Once stretched, they go back into place. The ligaments of the body, however, do not return to their original state, and that is when problems start to occur.

Restoring Your Well-being Post-accident

Auto Accident Chiropractor Hapeville Dr. Bradford Pizza It is important you seek care as soon as possible after an auto accident. Dr. Pizza at Pizza Clinic of Chiropractic is skilled in helping victims of car crashes return to health and avoid common problems such as radiating tingling or numbness and all types of pain.

The bones of your spine, called vertebrae, are often moved out of place after this kind of trauma.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Pizza stabilizes your health and allows each vertebra to go back into proper position.

Getting on the Road to Health

We can help you get through your immediate pains, restoring the range of motion that’s vital to a healthy future. When you begin care, we will likely see you for an initial phase of care that lasts 18-24 visits over a few months. We will take X-rays and do re-examinations periodically to ensure you are progressing. Dr. Pizza will give you straightforward answers about how you are doing and what you can expect.

If you can benefit from other treatments such as massage therapy or need an MRI, Dr. Pizza will refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

We will work with your insurance company. Please bring in your insurance card, the police report and any other information about the accident, such as your attorney’s information.

Contact us today to find out more. X-ray facilities are located on-site for your convenience.

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