Meet Dr. Koleti

Discovering a Passion for Chiropractic

Dr. Koleti recalls that chiropractic found him. Born and raised in College Park, GA, he attended the University of West Georgia. Dr.Koleti began his career as a teacher at Hapeville Charter Middle School, where he taught 7th grade science. While teaching in Hapeville, he sought chiropractic care at Pizza Clinic of Chiropractic where he met Dr. Pizza. Dr. Pizza told him he would make a great chiropractor.  This was the start of his chiropractic journey. Dr. Koleti researched the profession and found that it resonated with him. He registered for a tour of Life University and started classes that same year.

Dr. Koleti attended Life University in Marietta, GA, where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. While at Life University, he volunteered for chiropractic mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to serve people in need with chiropractic care. He also attended conferences to further his chiropractic knowledge and skills. 

Dr. Koleti completed his internship at Pizza Clinic of Chiropractic and was later offered a position at our office

Outside of work, Dr. Koleti loves to spend time with his family, his beautiful daughter Ivanna, and his friends, as well as hiking and working out.

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