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Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Many people don’t know if their health problems can be helped by chiropractic. Here are answers to some common questions to address your concerns.

Can I see a chiropractor even if my medical doctor doesn’t send me to one?

Dr. Pizza with chiropractic patient Medicine and chiropractic are two completely different health professions. A medical doctor does not have the training that a chiropractor does on the spine. Because of this, it’s impossible for a physician to make the judgment accurately. Only a chiropractor can tell you if your problem can be helped by chiropractic.

Can chiropractic do anything for problems not in the spine?

You must keep in mind that your nervous system controls every part and function of your body. Your spine can press or pinch many nerves that control many of your internal organs and glands, as well as muscles and joints. By working with the spine, a chiropractor can help many problems that may not seem related to the spine.

Am I too old for chiropractic?

You can never be too old for chiropractic. Your spine may be fragile, or very arthritic, but in chiropractic, there are many distinctive adjusting techniques that can be used to help your spine. So, regardless of the age or condition of your spine, there is a gentle, painless adjustment for your spine.

Is my insurance or Medicare going to pay for chiropractic?

Most insurance companies do pay for chiropractic services. Medicare, no-fault and workers’ compensation also pay for care. So, in most cases, you will be reimbursed for chiropractic care.

My children don’t have any problems; do they need chiropractic?

Most children fall or get hurt sometime during their early years. When this happens, it can cause spinal problems that may not show up for years. You shouldn’t let your children grow up with these potential spinal problems. Of course, a child’s spine is adjusted differently, because it is smaller and more delicate.

Isn’t chiropractic expensive?

Chiropractic actually saves you money. Medical costs have risen so high lately that according to a recent “60 Minutes” show, Americans spend an average of $1000 a year per person on health costs. Not only is chiropractic much less expensive, but it can also help you remain healthy and avoid future medical expenses.

Do you think chiropractic can help me?

If chiropractic didn’t work, we chiropractors wouldn’t still be in business. The medical profession has spent millions of dollars in anti-chiropractic propaganda. Yet chiropractic has grown to where there are over two million new chiropractic patients each year. If people didn’t tell other people about the benefits of chiropractic care, it would have died in 1895 when it first started. Chiropractic works, and that’s what counts.

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